Brodzki Jacobs & Associates is a Full Service Immigration, Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm

At the law office of Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, clients find attorneys who are highly experienced and have a genuine passion for helping people achieve real solutions to the tough issues and problems involved in Family Law, Bankruptcy Law and Immigration Law. When you consult with us, the expert legal advice you receive will help you understand your rights and options according to Florida law. When you retain The Law Firm of Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, the many years of experience provided by your attorney will ensure that the resolution of your case is handled in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible.

Our philosophy is simple. We dedicate ourselves to each and every issue in each and every case in the same determined professional manner. During your initial consultation, we will examine all the aspects of your case thoroughly. We will discuss the different solutions available to you. You will be given a realistic estimate as to cost and time to completion.

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  • Immigration

    We represent individuals and corporations for diverse immigration matters.

  • Bankruptcy

    We have been handling personal and corporate bankruptcy filings for over 20 years.

  • Family Law

    Our family law specializations include divorce, mediation, paternity, adoption and other family law matters.

  • Divorce

    We offer divorce settlement, mediation and collaborative divorce law services.

  • Domestic Violence

    We have represented hundreds of clients over the years who have been victims of domestic violence.

  • Mediation

    We can guide you through the mediation process and negotiate the settlement terms of your divorce or other family law matter.

  • Paternity

    We can help you claim your paternity and answer your questions about your rights and responsibilities.

  • Prenuptials/ Postnuptials

    We draft agreements to protect your rights and define your responsibilities both before you get married and before you get divorced.

  • Adoption

    We offer adoption services, handled directly in our office.

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